Health Reimbursement Account


Please note, the time limit for filing a claim for benefits under the Health Reimbursement Account is twelve months from the date of service when expenses were incurred. 


The Welfare Fund has established a Health Reimbursement Account to reimburse eligible, active members for out of pocket medical expenses. 


The Retiree HRA may be provided to Retirees who retired between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2015 and are enrolled in the SMART Local Union No. 36 Non-Medicare Retiree Welfare Plan, or the SMART International Medicare Retiree Plan.

Allocation into the Retiree HRA account is made annually by the Board of Trustees.


If you have any questions regarding your HRA, please contact Lynne Schreiber at 314-652-8175, extension 318, fax#: 314-652-0338