As a participant of the Welfare Fund, our members have a comprehensive benefit package that is self administered and self funded.

The Welfare Fund provides medical, dental, vision, prescription, life insurance, and short-term disability benefits for eligible members and their qualified dependents.


Wellness Health Incentive Program (WHIP)

Effective October 1, 2017, the Plan has added a voluntary program through which a Participant and his or her spouse are each eligible to earn up to $200  in Wellness Health Incentive Credits ($400/family) toward their annual deductible. Wellness Incentive Credits are earned in $50 increments upon completion of any one of the following wellness events. The Wellness Incentive Credits earned in a benefit (calendar) year will be used to reduce the Annual Plan Deductibles in the following benefit year.  The incentive credits only apply to the person who earned them. 

1. Participation with specified vendor event at the SMART Local 36 Annual Health Fair (example: Scavenger Hunt)

2. Blood work at the Annual Health Fair or as part of a physical

3. Flu shot at the Annual Health Fair or as part of a physical

4. Annual Physical (could be well woman exam) 1x/year

5. Medically appropriate Pap smear, Mammogram, or Prostate exam

6. Dental check-up and cleaning (only counts 1x/year)

7.  Establishing and identifying a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and meeting with the physician

    (If you have a physical from your PCP you can not get two Wellness Incentive Credits from the same visit.)