CONTACT INFORMATON                  

SMART Local 36 Benefit Funds

2319 Chouteau Ave. Ste. 300

St. Louis, MO 63103 

 Main Number: 314-652-8175

Toll-free Number: 800-741-9411

Fax Number: 314-652-8494



 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.



Judi Mitchell, Administrative Manager

Cell: 314-359-3465

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 302






Welfare/Insurance   Receptionist/Operator

Diane Rosso, Claims Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 305

Call Diane for questions about your claims that have been processed or if you receive a letter requesting additional information on a claim.


Patty Warren, Customer Service Representative

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 300

Patty is our receptionist at the Benefits window and is the operator when you call the Benefits Office. She will direct your call to the correct person.

Gina Buffa, Eligibility Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 309

Call Gina for questions on your initial and ongoing eligibility for Welfare/Insurance benefits, enrollment forms and required documents.  Gina also handles short term disability.



Pension/401(k) and Vacation Fund 

Beth Curlee, Pension Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 308

Call Beth if you have questions about your Defined Benefit Pension.


Joanna Clayton, Claims Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 312

Call Joanna for questions about your claims that have been processed or if you receive a letter requesting additional information on a claim.


Julie Koontz, 401K Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 313

Call Julie K. if you have questions concerning your 401(k), Vacation Fund payment or request for hardship withdrawal, and SASMI questions.  Julie also takes care of the fitness benefit.


Cindy Foster, Provider Relations Representative

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 304

Cindy handles calls concerning your benefits from Providers. She verifies coverage and refers any procedures that need pre-authorization to the proper person or entity.


Accounting Department 

Amy Wood, Fringe Benefits Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 307

Amy collects and posts all fringe benefits reports and payments from your Contractor.  Need help logging in? Call Amy for assistance with the Benefit Funds website.  

Lynne Schreiber
, Provider Relations, HRA Administrator

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 318

Call Lynne if you have questions about the Health Reimbursement Account or a claim. Lynne also handles questions from Providers regarding the payment of a claim.



Joanna Ham, Administrative Assistant,  Accounts Payable

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 303

Joanna is the Administrative Assistant to Judi Mitchell.  She also handles all accounts payable transactions for the Benefit Funds.

Mary Beth Cyliax
, Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager

Cell: 314-954-1516

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 310

Call Mary Beth if you have been any case management need. Go to Ask a SMART Nurse tab across the top for more information about case management services.



Malinda Sullivan, Accounting Clerk

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 311

Malinda handles all of the accounting functions of the Benefit Funds.  









Cathy Dobrynski, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Global Management Accountant, Controller

Office: 314-652-8175 ext. 315

Provides controllership services for the Benefit Funds Office, Union and Training School.